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Vuk’s Cyrillic

Vuk's alphabet includes 6 letters which were not in the written language prior to his reform

Typographic Jangle

Typography at the beginning of 20 th century cannot be contemplated separately from development of all other art forms

Slobodan Selenić (1936-1994)

Pioneering work in the field
of design in Serbia (1960 -1990)

Reconstruction of
Nikola Tesla's handwriting

On the bases of museum documents handwritten by Nikola Tesla a typeface is made

Paula Scher: Introducing the Famous to Non-Famous Script

Last month, the Publikum calendar guest and Belgrade guest was Paula Scher

On Personal Fonts

Transformation of handwriting into a personal font is an attempt to input the personal note into computer layout

Words on Miloš's Ćirić's Typefaces

Ćira was in love with letters.
For him they were the purest graphic and purest communication

Poetry of Invisible Typography

Beatrice Warde, also known as Paul Beaujon, is considered to be “the first lady of typography”

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