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Each month we offer you Tipometar's typographycal wallpapers. Decorate your desktop with them.

Appendix Concerning the Definition of the City Traffic Letters

To be able to read you have to follow a sensible route; as it is with the wires of trolleys…

Quick Assignment 3
– Part One

Names of Indian tribes made using a few punctuation marks

Quick Assignment 1

Sudden exercise for brain action

Everything is in Our Perception

The exhibition “The ABC of Pictures” at which letter's construction were placed on the building-symbols of Berlin


I remember the summer 2001 when I enjoyed creating an electronic piece Noise/Strings…

Greeting Cards
New Year 2006

The third-year students at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade are authors of small calligraphic pieces

Verlag form, 1998
ISBN 3931317625

Selected quotations

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