tipometar : theme

Dried Ocean in a Colorful Bag

Packages in Japan are completely clear, with basic data simply positioned

Graffiti: TKV

Take a walk and keep your eyes wide open!


Graffiti in Fruškogorska Street

When choosing unusual paths to walk back home, it can happen that you bump into a strange gang of graffiti creatures…

A Short Story of
the Cuneiform Scripts

The cuneiform script is the oldest and at the time the most frequently used script in the Middle East.

Exchange of Skills

One more text talking about the endless possibilities playing with the typefaces.

old for NEW!

This summer we were surprised by Smoki and Plazma packages redesign

Typography or touchography?

Can the Braille alphabet, emphasizing the tactile and not the visual aspect, be considered as typography?

GRAFFITI: Ljubljana

Graffiti here are not objections but more of a “gallery in open” current setting

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